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The timeless elements of the Webson Gill fountain pen brings modern sensibility to the art of fine writing. It features a hand picked wooden barrel and solid metal cap, high-shine trims, and the famous WG engravings.

What Our Customers Are Saying


"From expensive pens to cheap disposable pens, when writing is your life you realize how your pen is an extension of your body and soul. I do not mean to oversell the Webson-Gill Fountain Pen, but it flows and writes as well as my Mont Blanc without the constant fear of breaking it. I have come to rely on this pen as I research, make edits, or just jot down ideas.
The power of the pen lies in the balanced weight, smooth and reliable strokes, and most importantly—the perfect fit ink cartridges that mean less chance of running out of ink when busy writing. I cannot count the number of colleagues that have commented on the pen, then order one for themselves who have had the same reaction. If you are a seasoned fountain pen user, you already understand what I am talking about. But, if you are new—you cannot go wrong with this pen. Order it, order the actual Webson-Gill Ink cartridges, and you will understand what it means to lose yourself in your writing and the pen becomes part of your creative process."

-Andrew Martin

Features of The Webson Gill Captain


Every Webson Gill barrel is handcrafted and made from 100% recycled high quality wood.


Webson Gill caps are a piece of art in themselves. The are precisely made to perfectly fit with only your section giving each writing instrument its own unique signature. It is made from brass so it ages beautifully as you use it.


Our fine tipped gold layered nib is surely to impress. Now, we know the nib size and stiffness is highly personal. We concocted the perfect elements to deliver the ultimate instrument for daily use.


Crafted to deliver effortlessly precise inkflow with any ink.

The Details Matter When It Comes To Webson Gill

Each Webson is hand crafted to ensure the highest possible quality.


"I love Webson pens. I love fountain pens but Webson Gill are my favourite -- reliable, durable, beautiful, and they write well. I didn't need a new pen but saw reviews and bought this.

It's medium weight. It's a little larger than my Parker which used to be my main pen. I use this pen for taking notes at work. The ink flow is as reliable as any webson but the nib is slightly narrower than the other models. Overall the webson is a great everyday pen and it looks beautiful!"

-Betty Rivera

"I Was Pleasantly Shocked When I Took It Out of The Packaging"

I purchased the Oak, and the color was very rich.


"The pen arrived in pristine condition, and I was pleasantly shocked when I took it out of the packaging. I purchased the Oak, and the color was rich. This doesn't come with an ink insert, which is both a positive and a negative. This meant I was able to choose the ink I wanted to use. The metal tip was strong and unbending, and I was able to write for as long as I wanted with whatever pressure I wanted to use. I have found the pen especially useful for taking notes in classes it allows me to write in a flowing script without having to stop and shake it and the nice case that it comes with means this pen is never at risk for being lost in the contents of my bag. Another thing I liked about this pen was that it was easy to grip. It is the perfect size. I've appreciated using it to sign my name on checks and at the end of letters, too. It is a very professional looking pen that lives up to its beautiful image. Useful and good-looking. This pen has a very detailed body, the grooves in the wood are visible and there is lovely carving on the metal nib of the pen as well. I highly recommend giving this a try."


-Mitchell F.


"Comfortable, Stylish Pen!"

The look of the pen is quite stylish and having a sturdy case in which to store it is a definite plus.


"I was looking for a smooth writing pen to use for upcoming book signings. Ive found that having something comfortable really is beneficial when you're going to be writing for an extended period of time. I'm also a bit heavy-handed, which makes finding the right pen a bit challenging. While many people use fine point sharpies, I wanted to try something a bit more refined. The look of the pen is quite stylish and having a sturdy case in which to store it is a definite plus. As a writer, I am someone who spends most of the time typing on a computer, so I'm a bit out of the loop on good writing apparatus. This was reasonably priced and looked like a comfortable fit for my somewhat larger fingers. There was a bit of a learning curve with the ink insertion, but I'm happy to report the pen has a smooth feel and makes an elegant mark on the page. After extended use, it doesn't cause cramping that is sometimes experienced with different styles of pens. I'm not well-versed in other uses for fine pens these days, but for what I needed, this will work just fine. I like that some of the old traditions are still in use."

-Lukas H.


The Webson Gill 100 Year Guarantee

The Best Damn Fountain Pen on the Planet

We make all of our products out of the best materials on the planet. That's why each Webson Gill Fountain Pen and every other product on our site is guaranteed for 100 years against defects in materials and workmanship.

It's no surprise to anyone today that corporations are selling overpriced pens with inferior quality (and often made out of plastic). That's not what we are about at Webson Gill. There is a reason each pen is handcrafted with superior long lasting materials that stand the test of time.

Here's the deal. We know that you want to have a better quality fountain pen that will last. We want to deliver on what our competition can't. Since we create the products ourselves and ship them directly to our customers we are able to cut out the middle men and give you the best damn pen at a fraction of the cost.

So here's our promise to you. We will always use the most premium, ridiculously durable materials on the planet. Period.

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Hybrid German & Japanese inspired nib to bring the best of both worlds.

Designed with the precise detail of the generational Japanese pensmiths and the rugged durability german engineering. The Webson-Gill Captain Edition delivers the presence of authority in a most subtle way.


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