Our Guarantee

100 Year Warranty

We make all of our products out of the best materials on the planet. That’s why each Webson Gill Fountain Pen and every other product on our site is guaranteed for 100 years against defects in materials and workmanship.

This warranty applies to product materials and construction under responsible use. Exposure to any harsh chemicals or damage caused by dog chewing, extreme elements exposure, neglect, etc., is considered abuse and will void the warranty. If your product doesn’t live up to what we said it would, then e-mail us at support@websongill.com and we'll take care of you.

The Best Damn Fountain Pen on the Planet

It's no surprise to anyone today that corporations are selling overpriced pens with inferior quality (and often made out of plastic). That's not what we are about at Webson Gill. There is a reason each pen is handcrafted with superior long lasting materials that stand the test of time.

Here's the deal. We know that you want to have a better quality fountain pen that will last. We want to deliver on what our competition can't. Since we create the products ourselves and ship them directly to our customers we are able to cut out the middle men and give you the best damn pen at a fraction of the cost.

So here's our promise to you. We will always use the most premium, ridiculously durable materials on the planet. Period.