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The pen that will ruin all other pens for you.

Modern design meets ageless tradition.

Customer First Always. We offer a 100 year Lifetime Guarantee on all purchases!

Unrivalled quality built into every Webson-Gill Fountain Pen.

Smooth writing and comfortable design that will be the centre of attention.

Uniquely Designed Solid Oak Barrel  

Inspired by greatness.

Designed to last a lifetime the smooth handmade wooden barrel is made to command respect.


The timeless elements of the Webson Gill fountain pen brings modern sensibility to the art of fine writing. It features a handpicked wooden barrel and solid metal cap, high-shine trims, and the famous WG engravings.

For a Limited Time every Webson Gill Fine Writing Device Comes With a

100 Year No Questions Asked Guarantee.

Yes You Read That Right, We Stand Behind Our Writing Devices So Strongly That We Will Replace Your Webson Gill Fountain Pen For Free If It Ever Breaks.

Quality You Can Trust Period.

The highest quality materials are used to create Webson Gill fountain pens. Each Webson is hand crafted to ensure the highest possible quality.

The Details Matter When It Comes To Fountain Pens.


Ergonomic Balance

Weight balance designed for an avid writer, optimized to avoid hand fatigue and creates purposeful ink laying.


Optimal Starter Nib

Hybrid German & Japanese Nib designed to be the perfect all around high performance Nib. From fine details to beautiful calligraphy, the Webson has it covered.



Body of the pen designed in North America to utilize the most robust and long lasting materials. No plastic involved.


Versatile Refills

It's versatility makes refilling the ink convenient whether you prefer a cartridge or converter.


Limited Edition

We only produce a small amount of each Webson Gill making each pen very valuable to collectors.


Genuine Webson-Gill

A brand that innovates and delivers constantly to our customers. We aspire to delight everyone who uses a Webson-Gill writing device.

Hand Picked Barrel

Hand picked oak barrel that is lightly stained and glossed to perfection for every customer.

Solid Metal Cap

Solid and durable brass cap that doesn't tarnish.

Best In Class German Nib

German made Nib in every Webson Gill writing device. Each fountain pen is made by hand with the finest attention to detail.

"This pen writes beautifully and comes in an equally elegant case. This makes an excellent gift for any writer and it comes with a full set of instructions for those not familiar with fountain pen ink replacements/etc. It arrived after two business days and in pristine condition. I highly reccomend the Webson-Gill Captain Edition fountain pen."

Pamela Aguilar

2 APR 2020, 12:21

"From expensive pens to cheap disposable pens, when writing is your life you realize how your pen is an extension of your body and soul. I do not mean to oversell the Webson-Gill Fountain Pen, but it flows and writes as well as my Mont Blanc without the constant fear of breaking it. I have come to rely on this pen as I research, make edits, or just jot down ideas.
The power of the pen lies in the balanced weight, smooth and reliable strokes, and most importantly—the perfect fit ink cartridges that mean less chance of running out of ink when busy writing. I cannot count the number of colleagues that have commented on the pen, then order one for themselves who have had the same reaction. If you are a seasoned fountain pen user, you already understand what I am talking about. But, if you are new—you cannot go wrong with this pen. Order it, order the actual Webson-Gill Ink cartridges, and you will understand what it means to lose yourself in your writing and the pen becomes part of your creative process."

Andrew Martin

15 SEP 2019, 14:42

"I love Webson pens. I love fountain pens but Webson Gill are my favourite -- reliable, durable, beautiful, and they write well. I didn't need a new pen but saw reviews and bought this.

It's medium weight. It's a little larger than my Parker which used to be my main pen. I use this pen for taking notes at work. The ink flow is as reliable as any webson but the nib is slightly narrower than the other models. Overall the webson is a great everyday pen and it looks beautiful!"

Betty Rivera

15 DEC 2019, 14:42

Take Your Writing Game To A Whole New Level

The streamlined style and clean lines of an authentic design icon converge in a striking new fountain pen.

Free Worldwide Shipping  ● 100 Year Guarantee  ● 25% off on your first order

What our 1000s of customers are saying:


"This is real metal & wood. It’s a bit heavy with the cover on, but it make the writing experience much better than other plastic pens. It is a great price, well packaged and can be given as a gift in the factory box. The best fountain pen ived ever used. Granted, most of the previous ones were vintage or dip quils, but this is an truly awesome pen."

— Alex Jackson


"I needed a fountain pen to practice my Chinese calligraphy for class, and this works perfectly for that purpose. Easy to hold, write with, and the ink is very bold. Much better than others I have tried in the past. My rating: 5 stars"

— Alice Peters

100 Year Guarantee On Every Fountain Pen

We stand behind our fountain pens so strongly that we are offering an unheard of 100 year warranty. If anything happens to your pen, we will replace it no questions asked. To replace your Webson Gill at any time within 100 years of purchase just email us at and we will send you a new writing device immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 100 Year Guarantee Real?

Yes it absolutely is! 100% no risk, if you don't like the pen you can get a full refund no questions asked. If it ever breaks within 100 years of buying it you get refund simple as that.

Does this use ink cartridges or do you fill it from an ink bottle?

All of our Webson Gill fountain pens can use ink from a bottle (using a converter) as well as cartridges. If you need a cartridge we offer our own Webson Gill cartridges designed for the best writing experience.

Can the nib be swapped out, or does that decision need to be made before purchase?

Yes the nib can be swapped out with other nibs, if you need help changing your nib just contact our customer support team at

Why is the ink not coming out when I put the ink inside and followed instructions?

First time users sometimes underestimate the pressure it takes to puncture the cartridge. There is a definite "click" when cartridge is inserted. IF this is the first time a fountain is used with a cartridge it can take some time for the ink to flow to the nib. Set the pen upside down with the cap on and go make a cup of tea. The ink will flow soon after :)

How do you install the cartridge?

In order to install the ink cartridge, please, unscrew the barrel, put the cartridge into the front end, push it gently until it clicks, and screw the pen back together.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping usually takes 2 - 7 days. We ship within America using USPS.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is Free to orders within continental united states.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes absolutely, if you don't love our Webson Gill fountain pens you can get a full refund no hard feelings!

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by 100's of customers.

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Hybrid German & Japanese inspired nib to bring the best of both worlds.

Designed with the precise detail of the generational Japanese pensmiths and the rugged durability german engineering. The Webson-Gill Captain Edition delivers the presence of authority in a most subtle way.


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