The Admiral

Where Elegance Meets Mastery

Launch Special Get a FREE Prestige Edition

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The Admiral

Where Elegance Meets Mastery

Launch Special Get a FREE Prestige Edition with your order Today!

It is all about the details in the craftsmanship

Experience it with every stroke.

Smooth, Reliable Inkflow

100 Year Guarantee

Feel Every Detail

Smooth, Reliable Inkflow

100 Year Guarantee

Feel Every Detail



From the Internet's favorite pen brand!

"Webson Gill is so good, I bought one for my whole office...they use them everyday!"

A Feeling You Don't Get From a Ballpoint

Our custom-engineered nib ensures a steady ink flow, adapting to your writing style. Whether signing documents or penning down thoughts, the Admiral Edition offers a writing experience that is both luxurious and comfortable.

One Pen For Life

The Admiral pen shows off a skillfully carved and brushed finish to last a lifetime. A museum grade writing instrument built to be used everyday!

A Pen Your Grand-kids Will Give to Their Kids

Its weight is perfectly balanced, promising comfort and control in every stroke. It whispers tales of the sea and the spirit of exploration. This pen doesn’t just write; it sails across the page with grace, leaving behind a trail of your legacy. 

"The best purchase I've made in ages"

I love the solid feel of the barrel, and found it well weighted for writing; smooth, with just the right level of feedback. I was so impressed from the moment I opened the box. Every line is very clean and exceptionally elegant.

Samuel Larson

19 APR 2023, 12:21

"Unbelievably versatile and reliable"

It comes with a cartridge/converter system, which gives you the option to try other inks. But I must say, I am very pleased with the Webson Gill Ink cartridges. I am happy to report a smooth writing experience with all the ink I tried, but the Webson Gill Ink is by far superior.

Rebecca Ingnas

6 NOV 2023, 14:45

"Best fountain pen I've used in my life"

The presentation and the service of this company is out of this world! I have never ordered anything EVER and had this good of an experiencee from start to finish. And to top it off the pen is killer too. Thanks Webson Gill!

Thomas Francis

4 JAN 2024, 09:42

A fountain pen
with the usability of a ball point

The best pen you've owned. 100 Year Guaranteed.

Why Thousands Are Choosing Webson Gill

Great design!

Design-wise, I'm a big fan of KISS, and you have applied it perfectly. I can compare the pen to wide range of things I admire for exquisite simplicity in performing their function...from the simple paper clip to the crown guard of a Panerai to a Shelby Cobra.

- Ron Barsamian

I cannot count the number of colleagues that have commented on the pen.

I do not mean to oversell the Webson-Gill Fountain Pen, but it flows and writes as well as my Mont Blanc without the constant fear of breaking it. I have come to rely on this pen as I research, make edits, or just jot down ideas. The power of the pen lies in the balanced weight, smooth and reliable strokes...

- Andrew Martin

Love their fountain pen

This pen writes beautifully and comes in an equally elegant case. This makes an excellent gift for any writer and it comes with a full set of instructions for those not familiar with fountain pen ink replacements/etc. It arrived after two business days and in pristine condition. I highly reccomend the Webson-Gill Captain Edition fountain pen.

- Pamela Aguilar

Frequent Questions

Is the 100 Year Guarantee Real?

Yes it absolutely is! 100% no risk, if you don't like the pen you can get a full refund no questions asked. If it ever breaks within 100 years of buying it you get refund simple as that.

Does this use ink cartridges or do you fill it from an ink bottle?

All of our Webson Gill fountain pens can use ink from a bottle (using a converter) as well as cartridges. If you need a cartridge we offer our own Webson Gill cartridges designed for the best writing experience.

Can the nib be swapped out, or does that decision need to be made before purchase?

Yes the nib can be swapped out with other nibs, if you need help changing your nib just contact our customer support team at

Why is the ink not coming out when I put the ink inside and followed instructions?

First time users sometimes underestimate the pressure it takes to puncture the cartridge. There is a definite "click" when cartridge is inserted. IF this is the first time a fountain is used with a cartridge it can take some time for the ink to flow to the nib. Set the pen upside down with the cap on and go make a cup of tea. The ink will flow soon after :)

How do you install the cartridge?

In order to install the ink cartridge, please, unscrew the barrel, put the cartridge into the front end, push it gently until it clicks, and screw the pen back together.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping usually takes 2 - 7 days. We ship within America using USPS.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is Free to orders within continental united states.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes absolutely, if you don't love our Webson Gill fountain pens you can get a full refund no hard feelings!