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"I ordered these ink cartridges in black when I bought the Webson Gill Captain Edition Fountain Pen. The ink writes very well. It is a wet ink that dries quickly. The ink color is a true, saturated black. The cartridge fits well in the pen, does not leak and stays put in the pen until the cartridge is removed. Highly recommend to go with webson if you are looking for a good solid writing black ink cartridge."


"I really like Webson Gill pens and figured let me try their ink cartridges as well :).

They arrived quickly, 3x8 boxes. Which is great as I can put each in different spot when I need ink for my many fountain pens. Ink is easy flow, writes well as Webson Gill pens. So they go well together.

I am really happy with this, wish they offered more colors, like dark blue, but not really complaining :)."


"I purchased these cartrages to go in my Webson Gill fine pens. This combination is unbeatable. Writes very smooth on everyday paper (copy paper, school notebooks etc.) as well as more expensive fountain pen paper. The ink is a dark matte black perfect flow not too dry. The catrages are easy to carry, insert and change. Like any cartrages be patient for the ink flow to start the first time you use it."

Webson Gill Premier Ink Cartridges

8 Premier Black Ink Cartridges in our elegant storage box. Designed for the smoothest writing experience with your Webson Gill. Shipped every 8 weeks.

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